Sin Air

‘I am a criminal?’
Tried as he might, he could never say ‘No’ to that. The more he thought of it, the heavier he felt his guilt.

It was all about some money. A Mr Nobody’s money. Money that was born out of some accountant’s mistake. He was that accountant. And it was a deliberate mistake.
‘The money was there for the taking. And nobody’s ever going to know about it. Big deal. ‘, he was arguing within.

‘Everybody does something foul in their lives. This is your first time. Everybody is a sinner. Look around this train, for instance. Your fellow passengers. ‘

‘What do you think that tall guy is up to? Did you see his guitar case? What if it has a gun or a blade? What if he is on contract? How can you explain the scar on his face?’

‘And the fat guy in front of you. Why is he staring at the girl on his side? Isn’t he looking outside the window? No way. Are you nuts? What’s so special out there? He’s in to that girl. Pervert. She must be his daughter’s age. Hmmm. Its her stop. Hey fatso, where are you going? Why are you following her?’

‘Look at the couple at the corner seat. Ever seen a glum pair of lovers before? What are they doing with the sheet of paper? Arent they plotting something? It is a map, for sure. Hmm. Smells a lot like a bank robbery. See, this is the world. Better change. Keep the money. ‘ And thus he had come to a decision. The train was coming to a stop at the most busiest of all streets. Clubs. Casinos. Its been so long since he had a taste of night-life.

A few minutes after he got down, the lady in the couple punched the air in delight. It was a game of Battleship and she had won six in a row. Her partner looked dejected.

The tall guy got down at the next stop. He was heading for the music shop. The strings had to be replaced. He walked past kids who were roller-blading down the street, stared at them for a moment, rubbed his scar, shook his head and continued walking.

The fatso had spotted his wife when the train was passing by and got down at the next stop itself. They were walking hand, in hand.

And the girl this fat guy was allegedly staring at? Well, she walked in to her home, locked the door behind her and opened the fridge. She was going to be very busy that day. For she had a body to dispose off. Her step father. She looked at his dead pale face and sighed. If only he was nice to her.