She stopped in front of the door and checked her bag. There was bug spray for the cockroaches, phosphide for the rats and a  baseball bat for the man. 

The man, yes, she thought it was a man. Of late, she was finding dirty boxers in the laundry bag and trims of beard in the wash basin quite regularly – which she had to clean up. Someone was leaving the tap running. Someone was leaving the television on. She had slowly realised that she was not alone in that house. But she was afraid to confront it… him. 

Until that day…

Leaving the bag on the couch she inched towards the bedroom, feeling the cold reassurance of the baseball bat in her hands.

Rock music was playing from the room. Not her taste. It was him, alright.

She went in swinging…


It was a home invasion of a different kind. 

A woman was arrested on charges of breaking in and trying to assault a teenager in his own home. She was carrying a baseball bat and was in possession of hazardous substances. 

Apparently the woman had been living in the same house without the original tenants knowing.


Author: krishnakumarm

Techie. Obsessive compulsive liar turned into aspiring writer.

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