Foreign Exchange

I had the pleasure of hosting a foreign exchange student for the last two weeks. 

He was a weirdo – struggled really hard to adjust to our social life. He spent most of  his time locked up in his room. But he  seemed to enjoy the night life – never seen him snacking really, explains why he is so thin.

Last night I took him to a buffet. But first I had to teach him that a buffet was an ‘Eat All You Can’ place. It really went well I think – except for his table manners. And his lack of mingling skills. And almost everything.

Today morning he left for his home – Romania. 

Now I am being still being questioned for the missing 40 odd people from that night. At least there were some ‘leftovers’ – blood, bones and some flesh.


Author: krishnakumarm

Techie. Obsessive compulsive liar turned into aspiring writer.

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