Bathroom lizarD

“There’s a lizard in the bathroom”, Joe came back screaming. Out of the us four, only three were really scared of lizards but Ben wasn’t . Rather, he considered them icky. So nobody would be going in to confront the lizard. We waited and kept the go-to-the-bathroom-urge under control and took turns to go peek in the bathroom every hour or so. And the b*****d (read bathroom lizard) wasn’t moving. He sat there on the toilet seat in the same posture, his head raised, looking up at the light. His tail was also  up in a similar arc. In fact he has been in the same pose since morning. No he wasn’t dead. During my turns ,I swear I had seen his throat pulsing.

Then the co-occupants of our house – the humans (a male and a female who always left the place in the morning smelling of mint and rose/jasmine respectively and came back sometime in the evening smelling of the sweet smell of sweat ) came back. The female went into the bathroom – and like us the humans also despised lizards – and there was an ‘Eeeeeek’. She came out and communicated something to her mate.  He went inside, we heard a loud Thwack and he came out with the lizard’s dead body.

So with our threat now dead and gone, we barged into the bathroom.
“Dolf you first” Ben urged me.

So I led in front, Ben and Kim closely behind and Joe tailing us (poor guy was slow). We had just started our work – scouring the bathroom floor for our food(we were behind schedule due to that  damn lizard) – when the human female returned and saw us.  She Eeeeked! again and stormed out of the room.

That was not good. She would tell this to her mate and that wont be good. We decided to clear the area.

Sure, we are four and he’s only one. But we are no match for the weapon he will bring – cockroach spray.


Author: krishnakumarm

Techie. Obsessive compulsive liar turned into aspiring writer.

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